A fresh alternative to raw dog food

A fresh alternative to raw dog food

It's a huge conflict for so many vegans and those who are nutrition conscious. Should or shouldn't I feed my dog meat? With five new vegan dog food companies emerging in 2021, it is clear that plant-based feeding is healthy and here to stay. But with more and more people wanting to feed unprocessed- isn't raw meat best? We explore the challenges of feeding a raw diet and why our product offers the perfect solution. 

Why people are feeding raw

Working in the pet food industry has opened my eyes to what our dogs are eating. I learned about the contents of commercial pet foods. Fillers that offer little or no nutritional value keep dog food prices cheap. Waste meat products. A simple search on the internet will fill you in on the grimy details. Many companies are using confusing labelling techniques to trick buyers into thinking that their dog food is healthy. Highly processed meat and preservatives are likely linked to our dogs' allergies, ailments and conditions. This is why raw feeding has taken off. People want to give their dog the best - natural, straight from source. 

The problem with feeding raw meat to dogs

1. Dangerous to dogs and humans.

It is incredibly dangerous to our dogs and our family to feed raw meat. Vets are warning against this practise. The cooking process helps kill off harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E coli and parasitic worms. We are yet to understand the long-term implications of the raw feeding trend.

2. Long term health complications

Dogs, like humans, also have complex nutritional needs to lead a long and healthy life. Needs which are unlikely to be met by feeding a raw diet alone - especially when fed over a prolonged period of time. If you feed raw, please consult your veterinarian for advice on other nutritional needs. 

3. Antibiotics, fertilisers and pesticides.

Organic meat is expensive and difficult to find. As we know, feeding organic is best as it means our bodies have less toxins to remove during digestion. Most raw dog food is not organic, meaning your dog is eating concentrated levels of pesticides and antibiotics which their bodies need to work hard to remove.

So, what should we be feeding our dogs?

It goes back to a simple question; would we feed our dogs anything that we wouldn't eat ourselves? Humans have evolved alongside dogs for thousands of years - side by side, sharing scraps of food - probably cooked. With many people choosing to be vegan for health reasons - it's time we recognise the benefits of fresh plant-based dog food. 

Fleetful have developed a Dog Food Kit which uses human grade, organic ingredients to make your own fresh dog food. It is vet formulated and is perfectly balanced. The ingredients are chosen for optimum nutrition absorption - meaning your dog can start processing nutrients as soon as they start to eat. Unprocessed nutrition without the dangers. 

Feeding Fleetful Dog Food will help your dog find a long and happy life. We have a choice in what we feed ourselves. Dog's don't. 

Take a look on our product page for more information.

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