Who are Fleetful?

Fresh healthy food

Hello, I'm Holly, and this is Fleet. Together, we are Fleetful!

My interest in Fleet's well-being sparked when she began experiencing digestive issues. She had difficulty with her bowel movements, and her weight was a concern. I noticed she was constantly itching, even after I made several adjustments to her diet.

I reached out to fellow dog owners online and within my local dog community and discovered that many other dogs were facing similar challenges. They suffered from upset stomachs, bowel difficulties, and occasional bouts of diarrhoea. Their paws and ears were itchy, too. I was astonished to learn how frequently dog owners resorted to taking their pets to the vet to address impacted anal glands, administer antibiotics, and sometimes even undergo surgical procedures!

After months of struggle, I had the fortune of meeting Dr. Arielle (BVSc MRCVS), a veterinarian with extensive expertise in canine nutrition. Arielle explained that diet often plays a pivotal role in a dog's overall health. It became apparent that processed dog food often contains subpar ingredients that are challenging to digest. I also embarked on a journey to investigate the quality of the meat used in commercial dog food.

I began collaborating closely with Arielle, and together, we developed a range of easy-to-prepare, plant-based recipes. We meticulously tested multiple recipes until we achieved a balance that left our dogs content and healthy.

Our solution comes in the form of easy to prepare organic dog food recipe kits. These kits empower you to create fresh, balanced, plant-based meals for your dog. Since Fleet started enjoying our recipes, her health has significantly improved, and she's become a happier and healthier canine companion. Her weight is now ideal, and I no longer worry about her well-being!


Meet The Expert

Arielle Griffiths BVSc MRCVS - Vegan Vet and pet owner

I am a practising GP vet based in the UK, a pet owner, a mother and dog lover and everything I have learnt is from listening to you the owner.

My journey as a vegan vet came from a passion to help owners with feeding their pets correctly while maintaining the valuable bond that we have with our pets.

As a vet, I believe in a kinder, healthier way to feed our pets that does no damage to our environment, harms no animals and uses fresh, healthy plant-based ingredients for a balanced and delicious diet .

Intense research and working with the top vet nutritionists in Germany and the UK have helped me to achieve all of these aims on our own family dog Ruff, and my aim now is to benefit all your pets and together we can do our bit to be kind to the planet and our farmed animals too.