Home Cook Accessories

Have a look at our dog food and dog treat recommended accessories below. 

Dog Food Accessories

Home cooking for your dog can be daunting at first. Making sure you have the right equipment will really help make it easy and convenient for you. Below we recommend the equipment to make your home cook experience the best it can be. 

Large stainless steel pan - 9 litre 

Essential if you are cooking full packs of Fleetful - this pan will hold the whole amount.

BPA Free Silicone trays

These easy to clean oven proof trays are a top favourite of our customers. One batch of Fleetful will fill both trays. 

Reusable BPA Free stackable containers - large

Perfect for portioning for larger amounts - they stack well in the fridge and freezer to save space. 

Reusable BPA Free stackable containers - small

If you have a smaller dog, a smaller container will help with portion control. 


Dog Treat Accessories

Paw cookie cutters

We love these little paw cookie cutters. We use the small ones with our Umameo treats all the time. 



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