A Wholesome Treat for Furry Friends: Fleetful Balanced Meal Kits at The Retreat Animal Rescue Café

A Wholesome Treat for Furry Friends: Fleetful Balanced Meal Kits at The Retreat Animal Rescue Café

In a heartwarming fusion of compassion and culinary expertise, Fleetful balanced meal kits have found a delightful home at The Retreat Animal Rescue Centre's café. Nestled within the picturesque landscapes, this sanctuary for tormented, abused, sick, injured, and unwanted animals has taken a unique step towards pampering its four-legged residents.

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A Noble Beginning

The Retreat Animal Rescue Centre emerged in 1989 as a beacon of hope for the voiceless victims of human cruelty. Born out of sheer frustration with the ill-treatment meted out to animals, the sanctuary stands as a refuge for a diverse range of creatures. From ex-race horses to injured birds, from worn-out battery hens to dogs in need of behavioural rehabilitation, The Retreat opens its doors to animals that would otherwise face certain death.

A Haven of Specialised Care

At the heart of The Retreat's mission lies specialised care. It's a not-for-profit organisation where dedicated trustees and volunteers, most of whom are vegan, pour their passion into ensuring the well-being of the residents. These tireless efforts are funded by a noble cause—every raised penny goes toward the welfare of the animals and the development of The Retreat's facilities.

A resolute no-kill policy stands as a testament to The Retreat's commitment to providing a second chance at life. The establishment boasts a comprehensive setup, housing a rescue centre, wildlife hospital, and even a home for permanent horse, cow, and sheep residents.

Fleetful's Compassionate Cuisine

Enter Fleetful, a brand that resonates seamlessly with The Retreat's ethos. Founded on cruelty-free and vegan principles, Fleetful's products bring an innovative twist to the sanctuary's café menu. The founder, Holly, couldn't be happier to collaborate. She articulates, "Dogs deserve freshly cooked balanced meals - we hope that when people see that you can serve fresh, plant-based meals to dogs, they will consider switching. Our customers are seeing huge health benefits after feeding a fresh, plant-based diet."

Fresh vegan dog food served at vegan cafe

Culinary Delights for Canine Companions

Thanks to the culinary prowess of Chef Neil, Fleetful balanced meal kits are transformed into delectable dishes and even pup-cakes that grace the eager tongues of lucky pooches. This novel approach to canine nourishment has sparked interest and appreciation among the animal-loving community.

Embracing Change, One Meal at a Time

The collaboration between Fleetful and The Retreat is symbolic of a broader shift in mindset. As the café serves up these nutritious meals, it subtly urges visitors to consider the possibilities of a plant-based diet for their beloved pets. The undeniable health benefits experienced by Fleetful's patrons testify to the advantages of this fresh approach to pet nutrition. You can contribute towards The Retreat Animal Rescue by using the code THERETREAT when buying Fleetful products (and you will get 10% off!)

What can you do at the retreat animal rescue centre

A Bright Future for Furry Friends

With Fleetful's support, The Retreat Animal Rescue Centre continues to extend its arms to even more animals. The expansion includes an intensive and equine re-homing center, as well as a sanctuary for wildlife and exotics requiring lifelong care. This new chapter in The Retreat's journey reinforces the vision of a world where animals are cherished and cruelty has no place.

If you would like to donate directly to The Retreat's mission, they are raising funds to buy more land to rescue even more animals. See here

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