Best dog soaps 2023

Best Dog Soap Of 2023: Top 5 Picks

Best soaps for dogs - ranked

Dog soaps, also known as dog shampoo bars, are made from a formula that caters to a dog's coat. Soaps are vastly more eco-friendly and sustainable than liquid shampoos because they are not in plastic packaging that creates waste. 520 million plastic bottles are thrown away every year in the UK alone. Therefore, choosing an organic and natural bar shampoo for your dog will not only have a positive impact on your pup's skin health but will also have a net positive impact on the environment. Since most dog soaps are zero waste, they are perfect for keeping your dog clean in an ecological manner. The best shampoo brands are ones with natural ingredients and are easy to use. Handmade soaps containing organic formulas provide your pup with not only the nourishment they need, but also lead to a smaller footprint. Soaps with vegan components go a step further to ensure cleaning your dog is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. A sustainable lifestyle begins with small changes like switching to a natural and waste-free soap bar to wash your dog. To help you select the perfect bar for your pup, we analysed the best dog soap bar brands of 2023. 

Which Soap Is Best For Dogs?

The ideal bar shampoo is made with the right ingredients that are as natural and organic as possible. Good-quality, dog soap bars are meant to clean your dog's coat thoroughly while maintaining healthy skin. Keep reading to find the best dog soap bar for your pup.

Dog Soap: Ranked

#1 Rank: The Sussex Savonnerie Handmade Organic Dog Soap - Best Dog Soap Overall

Number one dog soap uk

The Sussex Savonnerie organic dog soaps are an excellent alternative to liquid shampoos. These cleansing soap bars are handmade in the UK and are 100% vegan. Not only are these soap bars made from plant-based, organic ingredients, but they are also completely free from palm oil and SLS. The Sussex Savonnerie dog soaps contain dog-safe essential oils and are available in three different scents. The first is chamomile which has anti-inflammatory properties, next is cedarwood which is a natural flea-repellent, and lastly, lavender which is perfect for calming anxious pups. The organic formula of these bars is gentle on dogs' skin and coats, and leathers well. The foam also rinses out quickly which helps to save water, over time. Another unique aspect of these soaps is their indented pattern, which makes them easy to grab onto while bathing and prevents them from slipping out of your hands. The Sussex Savonnerie organic dog soaps are a sustainable and chemical-free alternative to conventional dog shampoos that come in plastic bottles. 


  • The soaps come in fully recyclable packaging
  • Made from certified organic ingredients
  • Handmade in the UK
  • The soaps are 100% vegan and natural 
  • Available in 3 different scents - cedarwood, chamomile and lavender
  • The indented pattern makes them more user-friendly
  • Palm oil and SLS-free


  • You may need to buy an extra soap dish to dry the soap if you don’t have one already

#2 Rank: Just Be Kind Shampoo Bar - Best Antibacterial Dog Soap

Best antibacterial dog soap

These dog shampoo bars contain antibacterial properties and are made from holistic ingredients like lavender, tea tree and apple cider vinegar. The antioxidant-rich lavender has strong antifungal qualities that help to flush out the skin pores and create a soothing effect. The other ingredients in these soap bars like tea tree and apple cider vinegar also promote skin health. These bars also contain tea tree, which is a natural antiseptic and encourages healing. Just Be Kind soap bars are also completely vegan and cruelty-free, which makes them an excellent sustainable option for your dog. 


  • Offers antibacterial properties
  • Designed by a veterinary dermatologist
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Comes in recyclable packaging


  • You may need to purchase more bars if you have a larger dog


#3 Rank: Be: Vegan Pet Shampoo Bar - Best Dog Soap For Itchy Skin


Beast dog soap for itchy skin

Be: Vegan pet shampoo bars are ideal for both dogs and cats. These dog soap bars contain a blend of natural calming ingredients like chamomile and hemp. The natural formula of these bars can help soothe itchy skin and aid in treatments of dandruff and eczema. Additionally, these soap bars are also entirely free from harmful parabens and plastics. Be: Vegan shampoo bars are also TSA-approved and travel-friendly. 


  • Ideal for itchy skin
  • Paraben-free soap bars
  • Made in Britain
  • MIT-free and travel-friendly


  • Provides a maximum of 30 washes

#4 Rank: Faith In Nature Dog Shampoo Bar - Best Dog Soap For Curly Fur

Best dog soap for curly fur

The dog shampoo bars have naturally conditioning properties as they are made with coconut oil. The organic coconut oil present in these soap bars makes detangling a lot easier. Besides providing hydration, these dog soap bars are also made from 98% biodegradable ingredients. Faith in Nature soap bars come in recyclable packaging and contribute to zero plastic wastage. Overall, these dog soaps are an ideal vegan option for pups with thick curly hair that requires extra moisture and hydration. 


  • Perfect for curly locks
  • Comes in recyclable, zero-waste packaging
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Made from organic coconut oil


  • Can weigh down straight hair with excess moisture
  • Some dogs may find the coconut scent overwhelming

#5 Rank: Snoozer Dog Shampoo Bar - Best Eucalyptus Dog Soap

Best eucalyptus dog soap

Snoozer dog shampoo bars are 100% vegan and made with all-natural ingredients. These dog soap bars are handmade in America and shipped globally. Some of the ingredients in these soap bars include olive oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil and eucalyptus essential oil. Users report a fresh, clean smell and great lather with these soaps. The eucalyptus essential oil in Snoozer dog shampoo bars is a natural flea repellent that soothes skin which is irritated from flea bites.


  • Handmade
  • Made with zero animal testing
  • Contains eucalyptus essential oil for natural flea-repelling properties
  • 100% vegan bar


  • Some essential oils can irritate sensitive dogs
  • Made in America

Dog Soap: Buying Guide

Dog Soap buying guide

In this buying guide, we detailed all the different things you ought to search for when shopping for dog soap. Additionally, we also answered some of the major questions that pet parents have concerning soap for dogs. 

What Is Soap For Dogs?

Dog soaps are not like regular soaps. These soap bars are specially formulated with dog-safe ingredients that cater to the coat and skin of pups. Unlike liquid shampoo, dog soap bars are vastly more ecological. Most dog soap brands come in recyclable packaging which is sustainable and environmentally friendly. A bar of soap can last a considerably long time, provided it is kept dry in between washes. 

Things To Look For In A Dog Soap

Things to look for in dog soap

Organic Ingredients

Opting for a dog soap bar with organic, all-natural ingredients is optimal. Organic oils like olive oil, babassu oil, and jojoba oil are all high-quality and nourishing ingredients you can look for when shopping for dog soap.

Recyclable Packaging

One of the greatest polluters of our environment is plastic waste, a large quantity of which comes from plastic bottles. Minimising our footprint by choosing a dog shampoo with recyclable packaging, such as shampoo bars, can have a gross positive impact on our planet.

Is Soap Safe For Dogs?

Regular, human soap alone is generally not safe for dogs. Everyday soaps are alkaline and can disrupt the pH levels of dogs. When purchasing a soap for your dog, make sure to check for a pH-balanced formula. It is wise to steer clear of labels with ingredients such as palm oil. Some forms of glycerin are also known to cause gastrointestinal issues in dogs. 

You should only wash your dog with dog soap when your dog is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Your dog has natural oils on their skin layer that need to be protected so be careful not to over-wash your dog. 

If you use a groomer, make sure that they use a dog friendly soap to wash your dog. You can ask them if they have vegan dog soap or organic dog soap. 

Is soap safe for dogs?

Dog Soap vs Human Soap

Human soaps are more alkaline, whereas soaps formulated for dogs are more acidic in nature. This is a crucial difference because dog soap is not only meant to result in a clean coat but is also supposed to preserve the natural oils, present in a dog's skin. These oils maintain proper coat health and keep it looking shiny and lustrous.

Dog soap vs human soap

Can Dog Soap Be Used On Cats?

While it is not typically recommended to use a dog-formulated soap on cats, it may be used if your cat does not have sensitive skin, and in rare circumstances. Keeping it to a single wash, using a mild and gentle soap, is generally not going to lead to major problems. A natural dog soap bar, made with organic ingredients, is the ideal option for this. It is important to note that some ingredients present in dog soaps, such as some essential oils, may be potentially toxic for cats. Therefore, it is best to do thorough research on the product you are about to use on your cat, beforehand. 

Can dog soap be used on cats?

Dog Soap: FAQs

Q: Can dog soaps kill fleas?

A: Dog soaps with cedarwood or eucalyptus oils have flea-repelling properties

Q: How can I calm my dog during a bath?

A: Using a dog soap with a calming essential oil, like lavender, can help calm anxious dogs. Do not use essential oils on their own on dogs. This can be dangerous. Only use soaps with essential oils that are intended for dogs. 

Q: How can I make my dog soap last longer?

A: Letting the soap bar drain in a soap dish, and air dry after every wash, can help it last longer.

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