Dog Protein Powder - All You Need to Know

Dog Protein Powder - All You Need to Know

People are becoming interested in dog protein powder to make sure that they have the right levels of protein. Dog protein powder is becoming popular due to its digestibility. But what is dog protein powder and where does the protein come from? In this article, we explain exactly what protein powder for dogs is and how it can benefit the health of your dog.

What is Dog Protein Powder?

Dog protein powder is powdered protein that comes from plants (peas, beans, hemp etc) or milk (whey, casein). Some people add it to their dog’s diet as a supplement to build muscle. (Please speak to your vet if you wish to build muscle in your dog - excessive protein levels can be dangerous). Here at Fleetful, we have formulated a blended mix of dog protein powder to make your own food and treats.

Benefits of Dog Protein Powder?

Dogs have very short digestive tracts and do not chew their food the same way humans do. There is less opportunity to absorb the essential amino acids and nutrients they need. Powdered protein molecules have a large surface area, making them easily absorbed by a dog’s digestive system as soon as they are eaten.

Dog digesting protein - short digestive tract

Is Dog Protein Powder Safe?

Dog protein powder is completely safe to use when feeding guidelines are followed. We recommend that you consult your vet if you intend to supplement protein to their everyday meals and treats. Protein supplements may be given to very active and working dogs.

How much protein powder for dogs?

A non-working adult dog will need between 21% and 24% protein in their meals. This percentage level is worked out on a dry matter basis. Puppies and lactating bitches generally need more and senior dogs may need less. When too much protein is digested, it is excreted in the dog’s urine. Too much protein is known to put pressure on the kidneys of dogs. Some brands promote high protein levels as a selling point. Please be aware that this isn’t always healthy for your dog! Fleetful protein powders are developed by pet nutritionists. Our recipes are checked by vets with experience in linking nutrition to canine health. Fleetful dog food has the perfect protein content of 23% and the dog treat powders having 24%. Our labelling explains how much dog protein powder to use on your dog depending on their weight. If you are worried or have any questions, please get in touch.

Does protein powder make dogs gain weight?

Protein powder contains calories and will impact your dog’s weight. You should regularly weigh your dog to make sure that they stay healthy. Feeding the recommended daily amounts of food and treats can help keep your dog a healthy weight. It is worth noting that all dogs are different (age, breed, activity level). You should always keep an eye on your dog’s weight and change the amounts fed if they lose weight or gain weight.

Healthy dog eats protein powder

What is the best Dog Protein Powder?

Plant-based protein powder can come in a range of different sources. Dog food manufacturers mainly use potato, peas and soybean. Proteins are made up of different ‘amino acids’. Some protein sources have more of the essential amino acids dogs need to live a long and healthy life. Here at Fleetful, we use hemp as the main protein source in our dog food kits and treat kits. Hemp is a wonderful source of protein because it includes all 9 essential amino acids that your dog needs (very few protein sources do!). The 3:1 Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio is almost perfect. This makes hemp one of the most natural ways to add Omegas into your dog’s diet. Hemp also contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This is a natural anti-inflammatory and is known to help with digestion and cellular health.

How to use Dog Protein Powder?

Using Fleetful dog protein powder in our Dog Food Kits is easy. Cook the vegetables, mix in the blended mix of protein powder and turn out into a tray to cool.

For our treat kits, you simply add another healthy ingredient (such as peanut butter (100% peanuts) and plant-based milk) to make a dough. Roll our, cut up and bake!

Dog protein powder is a relatively new concept and people are seeing the benefits!

  • Powdered forms of proteins are easy to digest by dogs.
  • Hemp protein powder is one of the best sources of plant-based protein you can feed your dog
  • Always follow feeding guidelines on labels.
  • Fleetful offer powdered proteins as a way your dog can ingest their protein source for both their food and treats.

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