Fleetful give away FREE fresh dog food kits

Fleetful give away FREE fresh dog food kits

Throughout March and April 2022, Fleetful will be giving away FREE dog food starter kits to lucky pooches. Just pay £3.95 Postage and Packaging. 

To order yours, please let us know about your dog and their allergies: HERE

What is a Fleetful Dog Food Kit?

Fleetful dog food kits are perfect for owners who are looking to feed their dog organic fresh food to keep them healthy and happy. 

Instead of feeding your dogs processed tinned and packaged food, introduce fresh food using Fleetful Protein Powder kits.

How to use

Each Fleetful Fresh Dog Food Kit contains:

  • Fleetful Protein Powder
  • JUST BE KIND Supplement (vitamins, pre and pro-biotics to make food nutritionally complete and healthy)
  • Recipe card and information

Simply add a few ingredients to Fleetful Protein Powder to make delicious dog food. 

  1. Add Fleetful Protein Powder to vegetables and cook. Empty onto a tray and cool.
  2. Mix JUST BE KIND Supplement with bananas, sunflower oil and pure peanut butter
  3. Spread supplement mix onto food once it has cooled
  4. Portion to dog's weight and freeze

The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive - better poos, improved coat and bundles of energy - especially in older dogs!

Tell us about your dog to get yours: HERE.


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