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Fresh Food Helps Princess the Dog's Skin Condition

It has been over a month now since we launched our new fresh dog food for healthy skin - Mighty Millet and Quinoa. Already the positive feedback is coming in. 

We recently received a message from grateful owner of Princess. Princess had been suffering for over a year with skin conditions and a fungal infection. She was on steroids and regularly visiting the vets, trying to overcome her skin conditions. Her owner wants the absolute best for her and was feeding her a raw diet. Raw diets are unprocessed and are popular now because they are seen as 'real food'. Unfortunately, raw didn't suit Princess and her owner still wanted to feed her fresh food - so she decided to transition to fresh, plant based food - Fleetful Mighty Millet and Quinoa. Dog with skin conditions and itchy eyes

"We received our parcel yesterday and Prinny started her transition today and I must say after the worry of her being a fussy little lady she’s scoffed all her Fleetful food within what seemed like seconds and eaten around the raw which I never thought would of happened"

Her owner went on to say -

"...she also tried crying at the fridge for more, We are encouraging her to eat her raw so her transition runs as smoothly as possible. She’s now in a good food sleep coma which hasn’t happened since she was a pup so all I can say is thank you. Thank you for making this an amazing and easy journey to hopefully the best future for our little princess"

Here at Fleetful, we were grateful for the feedback and didn't hear anything for another month. That is where the shock came! We didn't realise how bad Princess' skin was. She was on steroid injections for her sore eyes and her owner was so shocked at the transformation since changing to our healthy skin recipe Mighty Millet and Quinoa.

"...she’s thriving with the new itchy skin recipe, I think we’ve finally found the answer to keeping her skin issues at bay.....She went for her 6 month checkup and the vet was astonished by how her eyes were looking after them being bald for a year we have a full fluffy face again🥰 she also hasn’t had a fungal infection in over a month which was a recurring issue"

Dog cured from itchy skin conditions

What is so amazing is that now, thanks to a healthy plant-based diet, Princess is almost off the steroids and has her fluffy face back again!

So why is fresh, organic plant-based food so good for dogs with intolerances? Why is this new recipe Mighty Millet and Quinoa so good?

  1. Many (MANY!!!) dogs have intolerances to animal proteins - there are many reasons for this - perhaps we will do another blog about it! Eating kangaroo, crocodile or some other obscure animal protein really is unnecessary.
  2. Fresh, unprocessed food is easier to digest and has many more nutrients straight from source. Dogs with sensitivities need these nutrients to fight infection and to keep healthy. 
  3. Mighty Millet and Quinoa is gluten free, corn free, soy free and of course animal protein free. It has the perfect balance of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids. It was formulated by Vegan Vet Nutritionist Dr Arielle Griffiths. Dr Arielle feeds her own dog this food. 
  4. Mighty Millet and Quinoa is organic. Dogs with sensitivities need high quality nutrition without chemicals to focus on strengthening their immunity. 
  5. Mighty Millet and Quinoa contains pre and pro biotics to ensure that your dog/s healthy gut can protein their skin from environmental allergens. 

We could talk about why this food is so good for hours - it is unlikely that any human eats food as healthy as this food - let alone any dog. Owners simply need to try it to see the difference. Get in touch with us if your dog has skin conditions and would like to try for free 



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