Holly from Fleetful gets Interviewed by Woof You! Podcast!

Holly from Fleetful gets Interviewed by Woof You! Podcast!

I'm absolutely thrilled to be given a slot on the new Woof You! Podcast. It's a podcast all about weird and wonderful doggy interests. Take a look here to listen to me being interviewed about the benefits of feeding your dog a fresh, vegan diet, why some dogs can't eat meat and of course lots of difficult questions around "surely a vegan diet isn't healthy!?"

Read on below to learn how I met Victoria from Woof You! Podcast and a bit of info why her other business is so important to dogs. 

Woof You! Podcast - vegan feeding

Victoria Shepherd, host of Woof You! Podcast is also a fellow business owner in the dog world; owner of Happy Henry's! Dog Wash in Amerton.

Fleet doesn't like being groomed or washed, but she absolutely loved it at Happy Henry's because Victoria specialises in using consent based techniques and building confidence in being washed. 

At first, Fleet wouldn't go anywhere near the dog washing station, but slowly and patiently, Vic encouraged her to make her own way into the wash and actually enjoy it! I couldn't believe it! 

If you would like to learn more about consent based grooming, there is another episode on the Woof You! Podcast talking all about this. 

Consent based dog wash

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