The World's First Fresh Hypoallergenic Dog Food - Mighty Millet and Quinoa

The World's First Fresh Hypoallergenic Dog Food - Mighty Millet and Quinoa

It's what dogs with itchy skin have been waiting for - a fresh alternative to processed prescription diets. Owners can now feed their sensitive dogs with fresh, wholesome food. But what is fresh hypoallergenic food for dogs, and why is it so good?

What is fresh hypoallergenic dog food?

Fresh hypoallergenic dog food is real food that doesn't contain any of the top allergens. The prescription hypoallergenic (HA) diets that you buy at the veterinary practices are highly processed and often full of sugar and fat. They 'trick' your dog's body into thinking that the proteins they are allergic to are not there. Unfortunately, they are not healthy and are as far from 'real food' as you can get. Here at Fleetful, we have found a way to avoid all of the top allergens in the form of fresh food. The answer - Mighty Millet and Quinoa Recipe Kit. The kit is gluten-free, corn-free, animal protein-free, and soya free. 

Why is fresh hypoallergenic dog food good for dogs' skin?

More and more dogs are getting severe allergies to food and environmental factors. Pet parents are spending thousands a year on treatments at the vets and struggling to see their dogs suffer. Fleetful's fresh, hypoallergenic dog food tackles both food allergens in dogs and environmental allergens. 

Where a dog has a food allergy it is best to avoid those foods. Unfortunately, online tests and tests at veterinary practices are often inaccurate. This leaves owners in a vicious circle of grief watching their dog suffer because they can't find a food that is suitable for their dog's needs. 

Where a dog has an environmental allergy it is best to eat fresh, nutritious, foods which build a healthy gut and immune system. A dog's immunity comes from their gut - meaning if a dog has a healthy gut, they will be more tolerant to environmental allergens. 

Fleetful offer a solution to both of the above problems with our Fresh Hypoallergenic Dog Food Kits. The Mighty Millet and Quinoa dog food kit is particularly suited to dogs with skin conditions because it avoids all of the top allergens. All of Fleetful's products contain probiotics and pre-biotic material to fuel your dog's healthy gut. 

What else is special about Mighty Millet and Quinoa recipe kit for dogs?

Fresh Hypoallergenic food for dogs

We are proud to announce that all of our recipes are formulated by vegan vet nutritionist Dr Arielle Griffiths. Mighty Millet and Quinoa fresh hypoallergenic dog food is formulated specifically for healthy skin as it is incredibly high in essential fatty acids. 

Mighty Millet and Quinoa fresh hypoallergenic dog food contains human-grade organic ingredients. Dogs' bodies can focus on processing nutrients rather than removing toxins. Studies have shown that chemicals in agriculture and farming can impact the immunity of a healthy gut so feeding as organic as possible is the best choice for your dog. 

People are starting to understand that we need to change what our dogs eat to ensure that they live long and healthy lives. Processed kibble, tins and mashed up waste meat are still big business. When people see the health benefits of putting their dog on a fresh healthy diet which suits their needs, they never look back. 


I was concerned that my dogs might find this food bland, but they have loved it from day one! They hang around whenever I’m cooking it in hopes of helping to clean the pan! It feels so good to be feeding them clean, organic, cruelty free food that they enjoy so much.

Mary Skinner

Very interesting reading , thank you for posting.

Lizzie Staples

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