New Vegan Diet Dog Study - Reveals Vegan Diet is Healthiest and Safest for Dogs

New Vegan Diet Dog Study - Reveals Vegan Diet is Healthiest and Safest for Dogs

A UK study on 2639 dogs conducted by the University of Winchester concludes that when dogs eat vegan diets they visit the vets less and are healthier! But what about unprocessed vegan dog food? 

The peer reviewed study is groundbreaking for the vegan dog food industry. The study showed that vegan diets for dogs are healthier and safer than conventional meat based diets.

Vegan diet dog study - How was it conducted?

The vegan diet dog for study focussed on three main food intakes: 

  1. Processed vegan dog food
  2. Processed meat based dog food
  3. Raw dog food

The study concluded that processed meat based food is the most unhealthy. Raw dog food was seen as marginally healthier than vegan dog food but it was noted that there were statistical differences in the ages of the dogs. Dogs fed the raw diet were significantly younger. Unprocessed vegan dog food was not part of the study.

Indicators of ill health were veterinary visits, medication needed, veterinary opinion and guardian opinion. The study also concluded that there were health risks associated with feeding a raw diet, including long term deficiencies in nutrients. Overall, the study concluded that vegan diets for dogs are the most healthy and safest.

"Significant evidence indicates that raw meat diets are often associated with dietary hazards, including nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, and pathogens. Accordingly, the pooled evidence to date indicates that the healthiest and least hazardous dietary choices for dogs, are nutritionally sound vegan diets." Vegan versus meat-based dog food: Guardian-reported indicators of health
(Andrew Knight ,Eason Huang,Nicholas Rai,Hazel Brown)

What about unprocessed vegan dog food?

The only type of dog food not included in this vegan diet dog study is nutritionally balanced unprocessed vegan dog food. It is clear that raw food is healthier than processed meat based dog food - the source of nutrients is far superior. We believe that fresh vegan dog food should have been included in the study too and would fare better than all of the other food sources.  

Balanced and complete unprocessed vegan dog food is far superior to any other diet in our opinion. A significant proportion of our customer base is those with dogs who have intolerances; allergies or sensitive digestive systems. Our fresh dog food kit is the way forward to less trips to the vet, less worry for owners and a longer, happier life for your dog. 



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