What every dog owner should know - the benefits of fresh plant-based food.

What every dog owner should know - the benefits of fresh plant-based food.

 Vets are at capacity. Dogs seem to be suffering with skin conditions, allergies and digestive issues. Are we offering our dogs the nutrients they need, fresh from source? In this post, we will discuss the benefits of home cooking and why feeding fresh, plant-based food is best. 

Scroll to the bottom for our LIVE interview on this topic. We speak to GP Vet and Canine Nutritionist, Dr Arielle, from Just Be Kind Dog Food

What is home cooking for dogs?

When we cook our own food we know that it is better to use fresh food. It is possible for you to home cook delicious meals for your dog. Doing so once or twice a week could make a huge difference to their health. 

Why is home cooked food so good for your dog?

  1. Anything that needs to last a long time may have additives and preservatives. Please check labels. These chemicals are known to impact negatively on protein digestion and nutrient absorption. 
  2. Produce loses it's nutritional value over time - so the quicker your dog can eat it, the better!
  3. Dog's love it! They can smell every amino acids that they need in the food - because it is fresh! Imagine how healthy you feel after a big healthy meal - this is the same for dogs! 

Why is Fleetful so good?

  1. Fleetful Dog Food Kits use powdered ingredients to ensure maximum nutrition absorption. Plant-based sources in powder form also mean higher protein levels. Dogs have very short digestive tracts and need their food digestible.
  2. Organic ingredients mean you dog can focus on absorbing nutrients not removing toxins. Try and source organic vegetables too and your dog will be as healthy as they can be!
  3. It is so Easy! With Fleetful Dog Food Kits, a lot of the weighing and gathering of ingredients is done for you. You have a two step process of cooking the powder and veg, then mixing the supplement and you are done
  4. Fleetful is vet formulated to be 100% complete. Dr Arielle worked with top nutritionists in Germany to formulate this amazing recipe. 
  5. Saving our planet. Fleetful buy from an organic company in bulk where no single use plastics are used. You do not have to buy loads of little packets to make your own dog food. Our 1500g biodegradable bag will save so many plastic bags from landfill! Each batch of Fleetful makes 20 tins worth of food. Although tins are recyclable, it still takes a lot of energy to make them, and they aren't always able to be recycled.

So what's next?

If you would like to try Fleetful Dog Food Kits - we are offering a 20% discount when you subscribe today. Cancel anytime.
If you are interested in trying other recipes too (after all, variety is the spice of life!) Dr Arielle has formulated some and are available on her website

Facebook LIVE about fresh dog food nutrition:


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