Feed your dog to a healthy gut

Fresh, hypoallergenic food for dogs.  

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10% of vet visits are due to poor digestion and the wrong food

Feed your dog a hypoallergenic diet - the unprocessed way

Fleetful's approach to dog food is to use clean, digestible ingredients.  We avoid the top allergens so your dog can focus on absorbing nutrients, not suffering with their intolerance. 

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Why are owners choosing Fleetful to help their dog's digestion?

Easy to digest

Sensitive dogs need unprocessed food to be able to absorb the nutrients they need.

The addition of prebiotics and probiotics helps keep your dogs gut healthy. 


Fleetful dog food kits avoid the top allergens - animal protein and soy.

Our vet nutritionist formulated recipes use organic protein powder. This ensures maximum nutrition absorption as soon as the food is eaten.


Dogs love our recipes, not because they are full of fats and sugar but because they are healthy.

Watch your dog return to their bowl over and over again.

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Stanley's owner:  'Fleetful saved his life'